The End

I’d started blogging sometime in 2004 (can’t remember the exact date) – my initial posts were on Blogger. I switched over to WordPress sometime in mid-2005 and have been here since. A couple of years ago, I hit a block. I won’t call it a “Writer’s block” – I was never writer to start with. The block stayed, and I haven’t been able to proceed further. I had a bunch of drafts – I never could get myself to complete them and over time, I would delete them. This continued for a while, and I’ve decided to move on now. The guilt of having a blog and doing nothing with it is a bit depressing :)

It’s been a terrific journey – I’d initially started this to help me improve my writing skills, it turned out to be much more than that. I met a bunch of great people (you know who you are) who became friends for life, became more open to difference of opinion and I have to say that this blog significantly contributed to me being what I became. The fond memories of having resolved the Worldspace Satellite Radio problem that my dad was facing through this blog will remain a life long memory.

I’m not sure what to do with this account or prior posts. I am still see that I get traffic on posts that I’d written a long time ago indicating perhaps people come here looking for something. I’m leaving the account and the posts be for the time being – I will revisit that thought a couple of months later, the start of the new year. Most likely, I will archive them and remove them from being public.

In the meant time, if you’d like to keep tabs on me, check the “About” page for links on where you can find me. I’m not very active on the social network circuit either, but I do respond to messages directly sent to me.

Edited (8-Jan-2013): Took down all the posts, but I do have backups of all of them (including the comments). Not deleting the WordPress account since I’d like to keep (and not struggle for/regret it later). If you came here looking for some information and didn’t find it, leave a comment with a valid email ID and I’ll be glad to help you out.

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